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HubSpot white glove onboarding services

your investment in a 24/7 marketing and sales solution

You just invested in the power of inbound marketing and are excited to start your journey, moving strangers through the buyer’s journey with HubSpot’s state of the art CRM, but how? And where do you start?

Onboarding to HubSpot shouldn’t be a stressful or frustrating experience. At ultraviolet agency, we are here to help you develop a personalized onboarding experience that aligns with your company’s marketing and sales goals and aims to remove the friction in getting you up and running on HubSpot.

Additionally, we understand how little time you have to get started on your first campaign so let us assist you with getting that off the ground. This work includes:

services provided

URL configuration and social media account setup

Purging contacts, overall importation of contacts, properties setup, etc.

Creating teams and departments within HubSpot and granting or restricting access to certain employees

Pipeline creation and dashboard set up

Pipeline creation and dashboard set up

Integrating apps that you already use as well as those currently in the HubSpot Marketplace. Apps that are third party services or not available on the HubSpot marketplace will require a separate quote.

Blog template design and development with company branding

Work with the uv team to create and execute your first automated marketing campaign, from initial brainstorming and strategizing all the way to launch. Email workflows, landing pages to forms, create a full scale digital marketing campaign and apply all the tools HubSpot has to offer.

here is an overview of our phases

Once we collect a list of deliverables, the initial onboarding process begins. This includes connecting your domains and social accounts to HubSpot, adding your HubSpot tracking code to the backend of your website, developing your buyer personas and contact/company properties, and setting up your reporting dashboard.

• Two 1-hour workshops included

Includes email marketing configuration, subscription management, tracking setup, contact list ingestion, formatting, and segmentation (up to 2K contacts with option to upgrade via HubSpot), email template design, blog configuration and template design, subscription management and tracking setup, and asset library created and organized.

•Two 1-hour workshops/training sessions included

Includes the finalization of campaign ideas and goals and the creation of email workflows, blog posts, landing pages, and strategic calls to action.

•Two 1-hour workshops/training sessions included

ultra good words from a client

We feel very lucky to have partnered with ultraviolet on this journey! They not only held our hands throughout the process but provided invaluable insights, a genuine interest in our success and a path forward in the world of digital marketing and beyond. Our hope is that as we continue to grow and that ultraviolet will remain our close business partner and one of our most valued supporters.

alicia foote | operations manager | chicago period project

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